The GHJ&M Strategic Advisory Board was established to give our firm access to top executives throughout the business community. The business experience of our Board has been a valuable asset for our firm and our investors. The Advisory Board gives us an opportunity to talk about business strategies and market trends, and to hear objective perspectives on issues concerning our portfolio companies. Each of the Board members has invested in the firm’s investment funds and may also serve as a board member of our portfolio companies.


David P. Crosby

Managing Director, Piper Jaffray Inc.

Paul D. Grangaard

Chief Executive Officer, Allen Edmonds

John (Jeb) Morrison Jr.

Chief Investment Officer, Callanish Capital

Douglas A. Scovanner

Former Chief Financial Officer, Target Corporation

Michael W. Wright

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SuperValu Inc.

Richard A. Zona

Former Vice Chairman, US Bancorp